Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee

Monday 22 July 2013

Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall at 2pm.

There are no memos relevant to the specific agenda items.


The Council business papers are Portable Document Format (PDF) files. If you require the information in an alternative format please complete this form.

Item 1 Document Downloads
Item 1
Disclosures of Interest PDF 54.8 KB Download
Item 3 Document Downloads
Item 3
Panel of Conduct Reviewers PDF 68.8 KB Download
Attachment A PDF 523.8 KB Download
Attachment B PDF 527.7 KB Download
Item 6 Document Downloads
Item 6
Tender – Records Digitisation Services PDF 71.3 KB Download
Item 7 Document Downloads
Item 7
Tender – Courier and Mail Delivery Services PDF 72.0 KB Download
Item 8 Document Downloads
Item 8
Tender – Parks and Open Space Maintenance PDF 78.7 KB Download
Attachment A PDF 1.5 MB Download
Item 9 Document Downloads
Item 9
Tender – Weed Eradication Services PDF 77.6 KB Download
Attachment A PDF 1.1 MB Download
Item 10 Document Downloads
Item 10
Tender – Supply and Delivery of Landscape Plants PDF 72.2 KB Download
Item 12 Document Downloads
Item 12
Tender – Waterloo Oval Stormwater Harvesting PDF 85.1 KB Download
Attachment A PDF 5.0 MB Download
Item 15 Document Downloads
Item 15
Green Square Update PDF 105.5 KB Download
Attachment A PDF 3.3 MB Download
Attachment B PDF 4.4 MB Download
Attachment C PDF 920.3 KB Download

Last updated: Tuesday, 16 July 2013