Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee

Monday 16 February 2015

Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall at 1pm.

There are no memos relevant to the specific agenda items.


The Council business papers are Portable Document Format (PDF) files. If you require the information in an alternative format please complete this form.

Item 1 Document Downloads
Item 1
Disclosures of Interest PDF 49.9 KB Download
Item 8 Document Downloads
Item 8
Tender – Insurance Broking Services PDF 71.3 KB Download
Item 10 Document Downloads
Item 10
Tender – Concrete Aggregate Paver Supply PDF 69.7 KB Download
Item 14 Document Downloads
Item 14
Tender – Light Rail Engineering Consultant Services PDF 72.9 KB Download
Item 15 Document Downloads
Item 15
Tender – Asphalt Road Services Panels PDF 74.8 KB Download
Item 16 Document Downloads
Item 16
Tender – Event Cleaning in Parks and Open Spaces PDF 69.1 KB Download
Item 18 Document Downloads
Item 18
Tender –Temporary Marquee for Marconi Terrace PDF 73.7 KB Download
Economic Development and Business Sub-Committee Document Downloads
Economic Development and Business Sub-Committee
Item 20 Document Downloads
Item 20
Sponsorship – Springboard Australia 2015 PDF 88.3 KB Download
Attachment A PDF 544.8 KB Download

Last updated: Wednesday, 11 February 2015