Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee

Monday 5 December 2016

Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall at 2pm.

There are no memos relevant to the specific agenda items.


The Council business papers are Portable Document Format (PDF) files. If you require the information in an alternative format please complete this form.

Item 1 Document Downloads
Item 1
Disclosures of Interest PDF 56.9 KB Download
Item 2 Document Downloads
Item 2
Investments Held as at 30 November 2016 PDF 72.4 KB Download
Attachment A PDF 676.1 KB Download
Attachment B PDF 627.2 KB Download
Item 9 Document Downloads
Item 9
Tender Variation – Talent Management System PDF 75.0 KB Download
Item 11 Document Downloads
Item 11
Tender – Sustainability Management and Reporting Tool PDF 83.2 KB Download
Item 14 Document Downloads
Item 14
Tender – Town Hall House Upgrade Lift No. 9 PDF 74.2 KB Download
Item 15 Document Downloads
Item 15
Tender – Property Services Consultant PDF 80.1 KB Download
Item 17 Document Downloads
Item 17
Tender – Stormwater Asset Condition Assessment PDF 78.2 KB Download
Attachment A PDF 709.3 KB Download
Economic Development and Business Sub-Committee Document Downloads
Economic Development and Business Sub-Committee

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