Annual report

Annual report

Working for our city

As we work towards making Sydney one of the best cities in the world, we are committed to performing to the highest standards.

From the delivery of our programs, events, facilities and services, we are dedicated to ensuring transparency, consultation and accountability in everything that we do.

Our Annual Report details our performance against our set targets as well as how we are achieving them.

The City also reports back on our sustainability targets and our work to reduce our emissions in our State of the Environment report.

You can download our 2012/13 reports below.

Highlights 2012/13

With our Sydney 2030 plan guiding the work we do, the past year has seen our organisation role out a range of innovative projects along with the day-to-day work to keep our city running.

With many of our key Sydney 2030 projects complete or well underway, we have reached some impressive milestones in our journey to reduce our carbon emissions by 70% by 2030.

In an Australian first, the City advanced the rollout of 6,448 energy-efficient LED street and park lights across the local government area (LGA). To date, 2,620 LED street lights have been installed, resulting in a 27% reduction in carbon emissions.

We’ve completed 95% of our $6.9 million building energy and water efficiency retrofit of 45 City properties. Yearly, we estimate that the retrofit will reduce carbon emissions from our properties by 23%, water consumption by 53,313kL, and utility bills by more than $1 million.


The City continued installing 5,500 solar photovoltaic panels on more than 30 City buildings, with 2,574m2 of panels now
installed at 24 sites.

By 2015, the panels are expected to supply up to 12.5% of the City’s own energy requirements.

The City deployed 14 zero-emission electric vehicles during 2012/13, for use by City staff for daily inspections or attending meetings.

The City sent zero household waste to direct landfill during 2012/13, with waste processed at an advanced treatment facility where the recyclable material is removed and the compostable material is processed into low-grade compost.

Cycling trips have increased by 113% across the local area since March 2010, with around 2,000 bikes passing through top peak-hour intersections on an average weekday.

The City provided $808,787 under our village business partnership program during 2012/13, awarding grants to 15 companies and organisations that contribute to the local economy, provide employment and benefit the community.


We provided $3.5 million in grants and sponsorships in support of cultural events across the City, large and small. We sponsored major cultural festivals including Sydney Festival, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Biennale of Sydney, Sydney Writers’ Festival, Sydney Film Festival and staged Sydney NYE, Sydney Chinese New Year and Art & About.

We strengthened the unique cultural identity and vibrancy of the City’s villages, completing 8 permanent and 6 temporary public artworks across the local area during 2012/13 and launching the Eora Journey public art program.


We opened Prince Alfred Park pool, bringing our total number of aquatic centres to 5. We maintained more than 400 parks, upgraded 31 small parks, and planted 689 street trees as part of our inroad tree planting program.

Accessible downloads

The documents available for download below are portable document format (PDF) files. Where possible we have provided an accessible version. If you require a specific alternative format such as audio or braille, please complete an accesible format request.

Last updated: Friday, 29 November 2013