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Some of our forms can be completed online, others are PDFs that you can print out, fax back or bring in to one of our locations

Online forms

A handy range of our online forms can save you time without having to visit a Neighbourhood Service Centre. You can complete these forms at a time that is convenient to you.

You can get in touch with us, register for a child restraint check, book one of our community venues, request a permit for a small outdoor video production or photo shoot and much more.

Forms you can download

Want to apply for a grant, a child care place, or feel like signing up to our library network?

Visit our forms page for instant access to these application forms and many more.

Online Services

The following are now available at Online Services. More options will be available soon.

Registered users only


  • Review all your rates assessments, valuations and outstanding balances.
  • Pay multiple assessments at once.

Child care

  • Review all your accounts at once.
  • Pay multiple accounts at once.

For all users

  • Make a one-off payment for rates or child care.
  • Report an issue such as illegal dumping and graffiti.
  • Book a waste collection.

Last updated: Thursday, 8 August 2013