Alexandra Canal Catchment

Alexandra Canal Catchment

Local Resident/Land Owner Survey

The City of Sydney is carrying out a Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for the Alexandra Canal catchment. The survey will be available online until 5pm on Friday 19 April 2013.

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Please provide the following contact details as we may contact you to discuss some of the information you have provided us.

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* How long have you lived, worked at and/or owned your property?

As a local resident who may have witnessed flooding/drainage problems, you may have your own ideas about how to reduce flood risks. Which of the following management options would you prefer for the Alexandra Canal catchment?

(1=least preferred, 5=most preferred)

Feel free to attach additional pages if necessary.


Culvert: a piped drain or covered channel that passes under a road or railroad.
Levee bank/flood wall: An embankment or wall, usually constructed from earth or concrete, built along the banks of a watercourse to help prevent overflow of its waters.
Retarding/detention basin: Depression in the land surface that captures and holds stormwater runoff allowing it to slowly drain out of the basin into the adjoining natural drainage line or creek.
Stormwater harvesting: the collection, storage, treatment and use of stormwater run-off from urban areas.

Privacy and personal information protection notice

Purpose of Collection: The City is carrying out a flood study for the Alexandra Canal catchment. We are gathering local knowledge of the catchment and personal experiences of flooding to help the City undertake this flood study.
Intended recipients: The information obtained from the survey will be used by staff from the City of Sydney Council and Cardno only. The information supplied will remain completely confidential.
Supply: Voluntary
Access / Correction: If they need to amend any details they can contact below.
Storage: City of Sydney, Myl Senthilvasan, 02 9246 7223

Last updated: Wednesday, 27 March 2013