Bin signage order form – apartments

Bin signage order form for apartments

If you are an authorised person for your building, such as the owner's corporation, strata manager, caretaker or building manager, you can complete this form to order waste and recycling signs, stickers and/or guides, which we will post to you free of charge.

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Note: the resources will be sent by ordinary post in large packages or mailing tubes. Please contact us on 02 9265 9333 to arrange an alternative delivery method if your mail box isn't big enough for them.

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Resources needed

Resources needed

Click the resources name below to preview an example of each sticker or sign.

Recycling and garbage stickers

Garden organics

Garbage chute stickers

Clean up collection sign

Mixed container recycling sign

No plastic bag stickers

Recycling location sticker

Waste and recycling guides

To download the waste and recycling guide in other languages, please visit the downloads section of our resources page.


The information collected on this form will be used by the City of Sydney to contact you about your building's waste and recycling services. The City's Cleansing and Waste Unit will hold your information only for this purpose. Supply of your contact details is voluntary, however, it is necessary to ensure the delivery of resources and proper servicing of your building's waste. For access or changes to your information you should contact the City on 02 9265 9333. The City of Sydney will store your details in Council's electronic database until you no longer hold the position as the contact for the building where you work and a new contact has been nominated.

Last updated: Tuesday, 23 July 2013