Garden Beds

Gardening on your street with garden beds

Self-assessment checklist.

Please make sure you answer 'Yes' to all relevant questions in this checklist.

* Indicates response required.

Question 1 - Location of proposed footpath garden

Question 1a

Question 1b

Question 1c

Question 2 - Gardening on the footpath nature strip

Question 2a

Question 2b

Question 2c

Question 2d

Question 2e

Question 2f

Question 2g

Question 2h

Question 3 - Maintenance

Question 3a

Question 3b

Question 4 - Speak with your neighbours

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Privacy and personal information protection notice

Purpose of Collection: The City will extend coverage under its liability insurance program to claims for injury or property damage arising out of footpath gardens, provided that they fully comply with the Footpath Gardening Policy and associated checklists. In addition to cover for the physical structures, the City will also extend its insurance cover to residents and community groups for any community gardening activities undertaken by them in compliant gardens.

Privacy Note: The purpose for which this information is being collected is for the City keep on record the completed checklists from residents or business owners who want to set up a footpath garden.

Last updated: Tuesday, 20 August 2013