Record building budget to boost local jobs

The City’s record $1.94 billion infrastructure program for more than 400 projects across the local area in the next 10 years will create about 2,000 new jobs each year.

Our 10-year corporate plan includes major financial commitments for projects at Green Square, George Street, Barangaroo and Harold Park, providing a boost to the city’s economy, businesses and employment. The City’s investment includes a range of new and upgraded infrastructure, facilities, buildings, parks and community services.

"For the past 10 years the City has delivered budget surpluses. Through sensible financial management we have secured the money needed to invest in the kind of services and facilities our community deserves. Over the next 10 years these projects will generate tens of millions of dollars in new contracts with large, medium and small businesses, in turn creating and supporting jobs," Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

The projected employment outcomes are based on a methodology developed by the NSW Treasury, which estimates for every $1 million spent on state government infrastructure, 10 full-time equivalent jobs are created.

The City’s record $1.94 billion corporate plan includes:

  • $220 million to transform central Sydney as light rail is installed
  • $440 million for community facilities, roads and drainage works at the new Green Square Town Centre 
  • almost $40 million to help integrate Barangaroo with surrounding areas.

Businesses seeking contract work with the City of Sydney provide a written tender, which is assessed by a committee

When appointing a business, councils must act in the interests of residents, ratepayers and the wider community to ensure they obtain best value, promote fairness and competition, and are transparent and accountable.

Strategic and corporate plans

In this section you'll find our corporate and strategic plans which detail our priority activities and how we set out to achieve these.

Community Strategic Plan

Our vision and main priorities are specified in the Community Strategic Plan as well as set strategies for achieving these goals. This plan is an update of our adopted vision and long term plan Sustainable Sydney 2030.

Resourcing Strategy

To achieve the goals set in the Community Strategic Plan, our Resourcing Strategy identifies how the City of Sydney's resources and assets will be used.

Delivery Program

Our Delivery Program comprises a 4 year program of major activities and financial estimates to implement the strategies established by the Community Strategic Plan.

Operational Plan

Projects and programs set out to be undertaken over the next 12 months are detailed in the Operational Plan, as well as details of the annual budget, rates model and fees and charges.

Last updated: Wednesday, 16 July 2014