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Resourcing Strategy

Resourcing Strategy

Resourcing strategy

The City of Sydney's Resourcing Strategy (download below) supports our long term commitment to Sustainable Sydney 2030. This strategy accompanies the Community Strategic Plan and the Corporate Plan and includes 3 components (available for separate download below):

  • Long Term Financial Plan
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Asset Management Plan.

The Long Term Financial Plan outlines costs associated with meeting our Sustainable Sydney 2030 goals and objectives from the Community Strategic Plan. It provides a 10-year view of the City's costs, including possible requirements from other sources.

The Workforce Strategy covers the broad challenges and responses to planning the City's future workforce.

The Asset Management Strategy summarises the condition and actions for assets that are critical to the City operating. More detailed asset management plans for critical asset classes will be developed in coming months.

Last updated: Thursday, 21 March 2013