Keep It Local

Councils unite in fight for local communities

NSW is in danger of going backwards and the things you love about your local area could be lost.  

Keep It Local, a campaign supported by the City of Sydney along with other councils and community groups from metropolitan and regional NSW, is fighting to protect the right you and your community have to a fair say.  

A series of reviews ordered by the NSW Government will create super-sized councils while also reducing their powers to protect communities from inappropriate development.  

The City believes that local government is best placed to work with the community and make decisions based on local need.  

Without any evidence of benefits, the Sansom Review into local government strongly recommends the creation of much larger councils serving vastly bigger populations - with no guarantee that ‘bigger will be better’.  

New planning laws would limit ‘community engagement’ to the making of strategic plans, rather than protecting your right to have a say on individual developments.

New Sub Regional Delivery Boards, not councils, would determine what complies with the planning rules and what doesn’t.

You will lose their right to have a say on the majority of developments in your neighbourhood.

You wouldn’t need to be informed if a huge block of flats was being built next door, as long as it is determined comply with the existing planning code. Development controls and urban amenity controls may become unenforceable ‘guidelines’ only.

The NSW Minister for Planning would be able to override local planning controls and have powers to personally control developments without explanation.

Planning decisions could be made on the grounds of economic viability for the developer or government rather than the public interest or environmental protection.

To find our more or to take action, visit Keep It Local.

Last updated: Thursday, 15 August 2013