Making our city safe

Making our city safe

Making our city safe

This summer, the City rolled out a major security camera upgrade, temporary toilet facilities, Precinct Ambassadors and worked closely with NSW Police, NSW Government and local communities to make Sydney safer and easier to get around at night. 

The ambassadors were called into action more than 16,000 times, including calling ambulances for intoxicated people, giving minor medical assistance, reporting fights to police or simply giving information and directions.

They were linked by radio directly to the City’s CCTV control room, where a NSW Police officer was stationed each Friday and Saturday night to improve response times if there was a serious incident.


Temporary toilet units set up in Kings Cross, Oxford Street, Martin Place and Sydney Town Hall were used more than 16,000 times, keeping more than 5,000 litres of urine off the streets.

The City introduced Alcohol Free Zone restrictions around Kings Cross in response to community and NSW Police concerns about safety and anti-social behaviour.

We also installed new signage, bollards and chain links at Kings Cross taxi ranks to improve passenger safety, and the NSW Government has increased the number of late-night buses.

We will continue to work with NSW Police, the NSW Government and the community to make our city even safer.

Last updated: Friday, 15 February 2013