Street art

Street art

Street art

Recently, the City called for artists and creative teams to submit proposals for up to five artworks on a large wall space along Foley Street, Darlinghurst, as part of our annual street art program – Streetware.

The installations are expected to stay in place for up to two years and will complement improvements to Foley Street between Crown and Burton streets, including new paving, lighting and street trees.

Renowned Aboriginal artist Reko Rennie gave the iconic T2 building in Taylor Square a makeover last year as part of the program.


His neon pink, black and blue design, Always was, always will be, has been so popular, we’re exploring ways to extend its life.

The City is also looking for artists to help create the first pillar of our Eora Journey, which will celebrate Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture through a series of new public artworks.

For more information visit Sydney Media.

Last updated: Friday, 15 February 2013