Kids on bikes

Kids on bikes

City kids love bikes. Eighty-five per cent of students from Crown Street Public School recently rode a bike or scooter to school as part of National Ride2School Day. Bourke Street Public School came a close second with 81 per cent.

Children who ride or walk to school arrive clear-headed and ready to learn. It also reduces traffic congestion during peak drop-off and pick-up times, and means fewer parking problems on local streets.

The City is keen to complete our bike network and we are waiting on the NSW Government to give us a green light to continue the important job of making it safer and easier for new riders to get around the city.

The NSW Government has a target to double local and district bike trips by 2016, and our work will be an essential contributor to meeting that goal.

Riding in Sydney is growing at a fast rate – independent bike counting recently showed a 113 per cent increase in bike numbers since counting began in March 2010.

There are now around 2,000 bikes passing through some of the city’s top peak-hour intersections on an average weekday.

Last updated: Wednesday, 17 July 2013