Shaping our city for the future

Shaping our city for the future

The City has just approved a record $1.9 billion building and construction program over the next 10 years – our largest-ever capital spending program. The draft 2013/14 budget and 10-year corporate plan continues free rates for pensioners and includes a $100 million annual operational surplus.

With careful planning, broad consultation and investment over a number of years, we’ve built a healthy bottom line for shaping the future of our global city and its villages.

Now we plan to invest those funds to strengthen Sydney’s international reputation – renowned for its lifestyle, economy, tourism, recreation and cultural life.

This is vital because we’re at a critical moment in Sydney’s history.

We face significant challenges accommodating more people while making the city more sustainable to address climate change, and protecting our heritage and amenity.

We are committed to preserving and improving our City villages while working to achieve quality new developments and civic recreational facilities on former industrial sites like Green Square, Harold Park, the Ashmore estate and Carlton United Breweries at Broadway.

Congestion is growing, so we’re working to ensure people have more transport options. The City has secured a future light rail corridor at Green Square and we’ll invest in a new public domain for George Street when light rail is built. Our separated bike network is continuing and we’re improving pedestrian access across the city centre.

We’ve continued to design and deliver award winning public facilities, parks and libraries. We’ve got small bars and activated laneways happening, creative start-ups in City properties, a new cultural policy in development and a year-round program of events that contribute to the life and economic prosperity of Sydney.

Unlike other levels of government we are serious about acting on climate change. We are making our own operations more sustainable and plan to reduce city-wide emissions by 70% (on 2006 levels) by 2030.

We have to get these things right because Sydney is important to Australia’s prosperity, contributing around $100 billion to the national economy.

I fear all this could be at risk.

The State Government is undertaking a series of reviews into local government and planning that threaten the future of the City and your right to have a say about development in your neighbourhood. To find out how to ‘keep it local’ see page six.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore

Last updated: Tuesday, 16 July 2013