Threats to local government

Threats to local government

Have you heard about a series of NSW Government reviews that threaten the future of local government and impact on your rights to shape and protect your neighbourhood and city?

The Sansom Review (Future Directions for NSW Local Government) recommends a great expanded “Super Sydney Council” but has given no compelling, evidence-based case for change.

The proposed council area would be five times bigger than our current size, with 800,000 residents – a population larger than the entire state of Tasmania.

The review points to Auckland as a model, yet Auckland has spent $100 million on its amalgamation and is now struggling with massive debt currently worth around $6,000 per ratepayer, forecast to treble from $2 billion to $12.5 billion over the next decade.

Then there’s the Planning White Paper, which proposes reducing your say on development applications in your neighbourhood. Your involvement would be largely limited to making up-front strategic plans for your area, reviewed every four years.

You won’t be informed of most developments near your home. Up to 80 per cent of all development applications would go through ‘tick-a-box’ approvals. So you could have a block of flats next door without even being notified. The Minister will have power to call in and determine development without explanation.

These proposals put all the work we do and our long-term plan for the City at risk. 

Last updated: Wednesday, 17 July 2013