Companion animal taskforce report

Companion animal taskforce report

Companion animal taskforce report

About 60,000 companion pets are killed in NSW every year, as abandoned and surrendered animals and unwanted litters end up in pounds and shelters.

The NSW Government’s Companion Animals Taskforce has made a series of recommendations designed to drive enduring changes in pet welfare. Many are necessary and should be implemented immediately.

However, key community concerns not addressed include:

  • banning the sale of pets in pet shops (to stop impulse buying and the abandonment of pets, which contributes to the 60,000 killed each year)
  • allowing pets to travel on public transport (especially important for low income people who don’t have access to a car)
  • overturning the prohibitive approach to pets in apartment, strata and rental properties
  • allowing pets in nursing homes and retirement villages (which is especially important for the emotional wellbeing of older residents).

These require urgent action. The City’s submission to the Taskforce calls for these concerns to be addressed in the final report.  

City services for pets and companion animals or call 02 9265 9333.

Last updated: Monday, 20 May 2013