New child care coming soon

New child care coming soon

Child care fast-tracked

The City is fast-tracking a $55 million program to deliver six new child care centres across the inner city to tackle long waiting lists that are a growing problem for parents.

A recent child care needs analysis study, conducted by independent community planning and child care experts, found parents are struggling to find places for children aged up to five living in the City of Sydney local government area.
Parents of children under two are especially affected.

The study showed a current gap of 3,104 places. If no further supply is found, this gap will increase as our resident and workforce populations grow.


High land costs in central Sydney have held back new child care providers from setting up. For many residents, the high cost of care is also a significant barrier.

The City is doing what it can with plans for six new centres, but we need all other levels of government to also play their part.

The City owns and leases centres providing 24 per cent of all current available places in the city area, and ensures that fees are in the low to mid-range compared to other centre.

Visit the City's child care page for more information on our centres.

Last updated: Wednesday, 27 November 2013