Oxford Street roller grants

Oxford Street roller grants

Shopfront improvements

Our successful shopfront improvement grants, which launched in Redfern in 2010, have been extended to Oxford Street.

The program provides funding to local businesses for the removal of roller shutters from their shopfronts. The grant is aimed at improving the appearance and safety of our village high streets.

More than 23 shops in Redfern, Darlington, Chippendale, Alexandria and Waterloo have been involved over the past three years.

Now, we are offering Oxford Street retailers up to $6,000 to make their shopfronts brighter and more attractive.

Instead of closed shutters at night, pedestrians and motorists will see colourful window displays, which will encourage them to come back and visit when the shop is open.

Visit the shopfront improvement grant page for more information.

Last updated: Wednesday, 27 November 2013