Getting Sydney moving again

Getting Sydney moving again

Sydney City Centre Access Strategy

The NSW Government recently released its Sydney City Centre Access Strategy. The plan balances competing demands for limited city centre road space, and delivers better public transport options while reducing congestion and providing a better deal for pedestrians.

We particularly support plans to introduce 40km/h speed limits to improve safety, and confirmation of routes for a connected bicycle network in the city centre.

Major projects to be delivered in partnership between the City and the NSW Government include:

  • A pedestrian improvement program where the city centre will be prioritised for pedestrians with wider footpaths, quicker passage across roads and signage.
  • The CBD-South East Light Rail project involving changes to bus routes, general traffic movements and deliveries.
  • A review of on-street and off-street parking in the city centre.
  • A network of taxi ranks to improve consumer convenience and reduce congestion.
  • A cycleway network including multiple north-south and east-west separated cycleways – the strategy notes two-thirds of inner-Sydney residents would ride to work at least once a week if they had access to separated bike paths for the full journey.

The strategy is out for public exhibition until 25 October 2013. We need you to let the NSW Government know what you think about this exciting new vision for city transport.

Last updated: Monday, 14 October 2013