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You may have heard, seen or read about certain topics regarding the City of Sydney in the media recently. In this section we've provided the facts in relation to current topics about us in the media.

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Responses to media reports

City of Sydney statement on City Ranger

30 June 2015

The City of Sydney is saddened at the passing of Mr Leong Lim, a friend and colleague and pass on our condolences to family and friends.

Statement: City of Sydney grants program

11 June 2015

The City’s grants programs provide funding and support for community organisations, businesses and individuals who contribute to the cultural, social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the city.

For the record: homelessness and community support

25 May 2015

Despite homelessness being a state government responsibility, the City of Sydney invests $1.4 million a year through NSW Family and Community Services to help people experiencing it. Supported housing is among the services to receive funding.

For the record: works in the inner city

11 May 2015

The city centre construction map highlighted in today’s Daily Telegraph is a false representation of works being undertaken and planned in the inner city.

Rough sleepers in Wentworth Park

11 February 2015

The City of Sydney is not moving rough sleepers out of Wentworth Park and we have no plans to do so.

City of Sydney statement on unauthorised use of the property on Quarry Street, Pyrmont

29 July 2014

City of Sydney staff executed a search warrant on a house on Quarry Street, Pyrmont, on 24 July 2014, following an investigation into reports of unauthorised use of the property.

For the record: tenders for public artworks

24 July 2014

Council is currently considering tenders for artworks in and around George Street, after receiving nearly 700 proposals from 25 countries. A decision on the tenders will take place at Monday’s council meeting.

City of Sydney statement on fire safety at backpacker hostels and illegal subletting

17 July 2014

Why we need state legislation to give local governments stronger powers to immediately inspect properties that are suspected of doing the wrong thing.

City of Sydney statement on Alexandria fire

4 July 2014

Following the fire this week on an industrial site in Alexandria, the City of Sydney said it “has no record of any complaint being made about this property, or any neighbouring properties.”

The facts on car and bicycle parking spaces

16 June 2014

The City’s Employment Lands Strategy does not propose any new restrictions to the number of parking spaces in the area.

The facts on morning peak cycling counts

23 May 2014

There has been confusion in some media outlets about the number of people using bikes and cars in central Sydney.

City of Sydney statement on City Engagement staff

20 September 2013

The City of Sydney has a statutory obligation to inform all residents in its Local Government Area of its actions and operations, the majority of which emanate from decisions of Council.

The facts about numbers of bike riders

18 September 2013

Latest independent counts in the City of Sydney conducted across 100 intersections show the number of people riding bikes over the past three years has more than doubled.

Crown & Cleveland Street upgrade

18 April 2013

Works in the precinct involve new footpaths, street lighting and street furniture to support outdoor dining in one of Sydney’s most vibrant dining strips.

Oxford Street Rainbow Crossing

27 February 2013

The cost to install Oxford Street’s Rainbow Crossing includes paint and traffic management on the night, road safety audits before and after, video surveillance, Variable Message Boards and RMS Traffic crossing markings.

Prince Alfred Park Pool

11 January 2013

The City of Sydney is doing everything it can to get the Prince Alfred Park Pool open. The latest information from the contractor indicates that we may be in a position to open the pool in mid-2013.

LED lighting in central Sydney

13 December 2012

We are installing energy efficient LED lighting across central Sydney to provide brighter lighting in parks and streets. This lighting will also slash electricity costs and carbon pollution.

Car share parking spaces

19 November 2012

Car share has more than tripled in the local area to 10,800 members over the past three years, easing traffic congestion, freeing up parking and saving residents $21 million a year.

Bike pump trial

18 October 2012

The number of bike trips has grown 82 per cent over the past two years. As many of the riders are new to cycling, they’re being caught out without a bike pump and the city centre lacks service stations to pump up flat tyres.

The City and parking fines

11 October 2012

Parking fine levels are set by the NSW Government and generally rise each year in line with inflation. About one third of the revenue collected by the City from parking enforcement goes to the NSW Government.

Response to reports about Kings Cross

19 July 2012

Kings Cross faces some large and complex challenges. In addition to the actions that council can do directly, we want to work closely with the NSW Government, business and residents to make a difference in Kings Cross. We can’t do this alone. We need to work together on many actions to improve this situation.

CCTV cameras in Kings Cross

12 July 2012

The installation of CCTV cameras is traditionally a NSW Government function, however over the last 10 years the City of Sydney has stepped in to ensure cameras were installed to support police, after a lack of funding by the state.

Buy Nothing New month

26 June 2012

Buy Nothing New month is not a City event or campaign. It is a national campaign supported by charity groups, including the Brotherhood of St Lawrence.

Bourke Road cycleway

17 April 2012

An independent review of environmental factors surrounding the Bourke Road cycleway supported the City's work and found no significant environmental impacts.

Cars in central Sydney

6 March 2012

Congestion costs businesses and residents across Sydney $3.7 billion a year. This cost is expected to nearly double to $7.8 billion by 2020 if we do nothing.

Response to reports about Bourke Road cycleway

23 December 2011

No reports of any accidents resulting in death or serious injury on the Bourke Road cycleway are available. Roads and Maritime Services (formerly the RTA) statistics show that since the cycleway opened in March 2010 traffic accidents have decreased.

The City's response to reports about public complaints

16 December 2011

The public made just 44 complaints about the City of Sydney between July 2010 to June 2011 – which works out at just 2.4 complaints for every 10,000 residents.

City Rangers and parking fines

22 September 2011

City of Sydney rangers do not, and have never been paid a bonus based on the value of parking fines they issue each year. The City has never imposed a quota system, nor linked bonuses to the value of fines issued.

Smartpole intellectual property rights

17 July 2011

The City of Sydney is pursuing ongoing court proceedings involving Screetscape for between $6 and $8 million in royalties owed plus interest plus legal costs.

Voting in City of Sydney Council elections

29 June 2011

All businesses in the City of Sydney Local Government Area already have a say in City of Sydney elections. There is a non-residential vote set out in the City of Sydney Act.

Building cycleways in the city centre

20 June 2011

None of the inner city cycleway routes identified in media reports are new. Council adopted the masterplan for its bike network back in 2007.

The use of cycleways

25 May 2011

The most recent bike count shows a 60 per cent average increase in the AM period and an average 48 per cent increase during the PM period over the past year.

Last updated: Friday, 10 January 2014