Bourke Road cycleway

17 April 2012

An independent review of environmental factors surrounding the Bourke Road cycleway supported the City's work and found no significant environmental impacts.

The independent review revealed that there has been a reduction in traffic accidents on the road since the cycleway was completed. Data from Roads and Maritime Services (formerly the RTA) shows that in the five years prior to the cycleway opening in March 2010, total Bourke Road crashes averaged 21 per year. In the past 12 months – since the cycleway opened - that figure has fallen to just six.

It also stated the loss of on-street parking, at less than six per cent of the overall 4,488 parking spaces available in the precinct, was “not significant” as the area was mainly industrial, with most businesses having off-street parking for staff and visitors.

Independent monthly bike counts show continued increase in the numbers of riders using the cycleway. In January 2012 bike counts conducted during the morning and afternoon peak periods from 6am-9am and 4pm-7pm, counted 321 cyclists at the intersection of Bourke Rd and Bowden Street, a 42 per cent increase since December 2010.

The review focused on the Bourke Rd cycleway not the Bourke St cycleway. One of the recommendations was to link the two - something the City is keen to do.

Other recommendations included establishing more shared paths and cycleway.

This review, which included submissions from the public, is the third time the City has consulted the community about the Bourke Road cycleway.

It will be placed on public exhibition for 28 days from Monday to allow the community to provide further feedback. Councillors will then decide which of the report’s recommendations are implemented, but only after community feedback has been considered.

The Bourke Road separated cycleway, which runs for 3kms along sections of Bourke Road, Mandible and Bowden Streets, was completed in March 2010. It will eventually form part of a larger connection from southern Alexandria to Green Square and from Green Square to Sydney Airport.

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