Building cycleways in the city centre

20 June 2011

None of the inner city cycleway routes identified in media reports are new. Council adopted the masterplan for its bike network back in 2007.

None of these routes are finalised - they will be subject to investigation, and considerable consultation with the RTA and the local community.
The routes are suggestions only at this stage. They are being examined for separated bike lane suitability.
The City works closely with the RTA over the design of each project - we won't compromise on safety. We always favour routes that are safe, have proven connectivity and are already well used by bike riders.
The RTA is a member of the City's Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee and approves all our bike routes and helps determine their location.
In fact, the RTA chose the Kent Street route.
There is currently only 1.8 kilometres of separated cycleway in the CBD and only one more kilometre is being proposed at this stage.

There are thousands of bike riders on city streets every day during the morning and afternoon peaks and more and more people are taking it up. Independent analysis shows a 60 per cent average increase in the morning and a 48 per cent average increase in the afternoon over the past year.
These figures will continue to rise as more of the network is linked up. The City is now focused on 10 regional routes that will connect major destinations within and beyond the City. These routes were adopted by the Council in December.
When the network is finished it will feature a comprehensive 200 kilometre bike network, including 55 kilometres of separated cycleways in the Sydney Local Government Area.

The City conducted exhaustive consultation prior to making the commitment to build a bike network.

Last updated: Friday, 10 January 2014