Cars in central Sydney

6 March 2012

Congestion costs businesses and residents across Sydney $3.7 billion a year. This cost is expected to nearly double to $7.8 billion by 2020 if we do nothing.

The City of Sydney has released a comprehensive study – Connecting our City; Transport Strategies and Actions – which outlines our suggested approach to the demands of our growing population and traffic congestion that is already crippling our city.

In the City of Sydney Local Government Area alone, the population is expected to rise by 100,000 people to 280,000 by 2036 – that’s a 60 per cent increase.

We are having to accommodate a proposed 30 per cent jump in buses arriving in the city centre during peak hour – an unmanageable 7,800 on average each day.

Not to mention the 50 per cent more pedestrians on our narrow footpaths. Already car use in the city has dropped due to the economic climate, and off-street parking charges have dropped by up to $9 per day in the past few weeks demonstrating that public transport and sustainable transport options are what most people want.

This is the sobering reality. Our study raises a number of crucial measures to get Sydney’s congested transport networks moving again and reinforces why Sydney needs an integrated transport network.

The City is working closely with the NSW Government to produce that much needed integrated transport system.

Last updated: Friday, 10 January 2014