CCTV cameras in Kings Cross

12 July 2012

The installation of CCTV cameras is traditionally a NSW Government function, however over the last 10 years the City of Sydney has stepped in to ensure cameras were installed to support police, after a lack of funding by the state.

The City has installed 81 cameras covering the city centre, Darlinghurst, Kings Cross, Surry Hills and Glebe.

The City last applied for funding of $500,000 for the installation of additional cameras. The Federal Government rejected our application for funding.

Nonetheless we are continuing with our plan to install six new security cameras in Kings Cross.

Fibre optic cable to connect the cameras is currently being laid, and work to bring them on online is on schedule to be completed next month.

Installation of the new fibre optic cable is being carried out by Ausgrid, who controls access to the underground pit and duct network the camera network uses. The installation has included a public notification process, development applications and getting access to the pit and duct network at times that cause least disruption for traffic and residents.

The City's $500,000 investment brings the number of our security cameras in the Cross to nine, extending the coverage area along the Darlinghurst Road strip from William Street to Macleay Street and in Bayswater Road.

The locations of all cameras were decided in discussion with NSW Police, based on crime mapping data, and following a process of community consultation. One of the new cameras is being installed near the corner of Darlinghurst Road and Victoria Street.

NSW Police originally requested two additional cameras in Victoria Street but the Police agreed with the City that crime statistics at the time and tree coverage would severely hamper the line of sight for those security cameras and so their installation was not supported.

The City of Sydney is taking action in areas where we have responsibility and we continue to lobby the NSW Government to take action, including changing laws, in the areas they are responsible such as licensing, transport, policing, environmental protection and most importantly the cumulative impact of too many venues in one area, such as in Kings Cross.

We are strong supporters of more police resources in Kings Cross.

What happened in Kings Cross was tragic and our thoughts are with the family. Our three existing cameras in Kings Cross are not near the location of Saturday night's incident and did not capture footage of the attack. However, at the request of police we have provided eight hours of footage from those two cameras from Saturday night.

Last updated: Thursday, 9 January 2014