City of Sydney statement on Alexandria fire

4 July 2014

Following the fire this week on an industrial site in Alexandria, the City of Sydney said it “has no record of any complaint being made about this property, or any neighbouring properties.”

When making this statement, the City had searched its internal complaint handling system, Pathways, where such reports are logged. The search found no record of any complaint about 90 Burrows Road in the records system.

The City has since conducted an extensive review of its original phone records and has discovered a complaint was made.

Unfortunately, contrary to City procedures, the complaint was not logged in the internal records system and was therefore not found or investigated.

As a result of this discovery, the City has started an immediate review of all relevant procedures.

The City’s investigation into the incident at Alexandria continues.

The City is preparing to serve a Local Government Act Order to the owner of the property, preventing access to the site as the property is in an unsafe and unhealthy condition.

Last updated: Friday, 4 July 2014