LED lighting in central Sydney

13 December 2012

Safety of the public is paramount to the City of Sydney.

We are installing energy efficient LED lighting across central Sydney to provide brighter lighting in parks and streets. This lighting will also slash electricity costs and carbon pollution.

More than 1,900 LED lights have already been installed, including in Kings Cross, as part of the City's $7 million three-year roll out of the green technology.

Lighting in Hollis Park, Newtown, will be upgraded with LED lights early in the new year to improve the overall lighting level within the park, and improve safety.

Council staff have measured lighting levels at sites where the LED lights have been installed so far, and found they are brighter than traditional lighting.

In a public survey conducted by the City more than 90 per cent of people reported finding the new lighting more appealing, and three-quarters said it actually improved visibility.

In addition, we are planning to deliver an updated lighting and technical code and new creative lighting master plan for Sydney which will consider both functional and aesthetic illumination.

It will include a review of street lighting levels in significant areas and laneways.

We will extend lighting hours until 10 pm in major parks to improve level of usage in the evening for picnics and other low-level activities, and we will explore energy-saving lighting triggered by movement on park footways and some bike paths. 

Last updated: Thursday, 9 January 2014