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Lord Mayorâs Community Christmas Reception

Lord Mayor’s Community Christmas Reception

8 December 2013

Lord Mayor Clover Moore welcomed community members to Sydney Town Hall to celebrate Christmas and give an update on what the City of Sydney has been able to achieve in 2013.

Robert Hammond, Co-founder and Executive Director, Friends of the High Line, NYC

How the processes that produced the New York High Line could apply here

24 October 2013

Lord Mayor Clover Moore introduces special guest speaker, Robert Hammond, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Friends of the High Line.

Gail Connolly

The big decision: How to fix Sydney's transport

13 November 2012

Hear from 2 experts, professor Peter Newman and Gail Connolly, plus a panel of industry leaders, retailers and landowners discuss the right direction for our city.

Dr Lisa Murray

History Week 2012: Wrap yourself in Sydney's historical threads

8 September 2012

The art of window dressing, fashionable functions at Sydney Town Hall, Sydney's fashion scene from the 50s and the history of Akubra hats.


Growing the Family Tree: Connecting Generations in Multicultural Families

3 May 2012

The forum aimed to provide a voice for families on these issues and highlight the services that offer support.

Part one

Planning Sydney – Amazing Stories: Innovation and Invention

16 April 2012

Sydney has grown from a convict outpost to become a world-class city. See how our built environment has been shaped and planned over time.

Laura Van Wie McGrory

The People Power Revolution: Clean Energy that doesn't cost the earth

28 February 2012

What is causing power price increases and what we can do to bring power bills and carbon footprints under control?

Gabriela Miranda

OECD and Sydney 2030: The City's efforts praised

7 December 2011

Sustainable Sydney 2030 presents a bold and compelling vision.

Dr Ernesto Sirolli

Community Economic Development with Dr. Ernesto Sirolli

29 November 2011

Hear local stories from a noted authority in the field of sustainable economic development.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore

State of the City 2011: Sustainable Sydney 2030

31 August 2011

The City's Lord Mayor and CEO explain how we're closing in on the most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target of any government in Australia.

Stephen Dunne

Better Buildings Partnership: Improving environmental performance

30 June 2011

Major property owners in Australia have come together to develop energy, water and waste systems to improve environmental performance precinct-wide.

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