Small Bars 101

Learn from the success of small bars in Sydney

12 June 2012

We're offering a series of '101' workshops designed for small business owners and operators, giving an overview of common issues faced by many.

Through case studies and speaker presentations, this workshop covers:

  • Liquor licencing requirements
  • The DA process and timeline; and
  • Compliance with health and building regulations

Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP
The Lord Mayor introduces the City's '101' Small Bar Workshop and talks about the success of small bars in Sydney.

Martin O'Sullivan and Belinda Lai, Co-owners, Grasshopper

Martin O'Sullivan is co-owner of Grasshopper and current Head of the Small Bar Association of NSW. Mr O'Sullivan has worked tirelessly in the establishment of the Association and furthering the public awareness for Small Bars. He has over 12 years' experience in hospitality management. He previously worked in IT, within the Finance industry.
Belinda W Lai is co-owner of Grasshopper and has a Masters in Finance and Accounting from UNSW. She has over 10 years' experience in running restaurants. She previously worked in Risk Management in the Banking Industry. Ms Lai works on the fundraising committee of Gallery 4a (Asian Australian Arts Foundation), to raise funds and awareness for contemporary Asian-Australian art.
Grasshopper was one of the first small bars to open in the Sydney CBD. It also received one of the first Finegrain Business Development Matched Grants, which were established to help the development of start-up small businesses.

Liam Saville, Licensed Premises Coordinator, City of Sydney

Liam Saville has worked for the City of Sydney in a variety of roles, including as Project Coordinator with the City's Safe City Unit and as Operations Coordinator in the City Rangers. Mr Saville has worked as the Licensed Premises Coordinator within the Late Night & Licensed Premises Team for the past two years and is currently responsible for the Kings Cross area.

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