Customer service charter

Customer service charter

Green. Global. Connected.

"At the City of Sydney we pride on being ‘connected’ with our customers. Our customers are our residents, visitors, ratepayers, businesses, workers and shoppers. The City is committed to a partnership with you, to achieve our sustainable Sydney 2030 vision of a Green, Global and Connected City."

Clover Moore
Lord Mayor of Sydney

As a green City, we strive to be recognised as an environmental leader by our customers with outstanding environmental performance and new green industries.

We strive to be Australia’s most significant global City and deliver to our customers world class tourism attractions and sustained investment in cultural infrastructure, icons and services.

We aspire to be connected to our customers and our community through a sense of belonging, social wellbeing, and provision of outstanding customer service. Employees at all levels will connect with customers through real time information, online interaction, by telephone, and in person.

Our service commitment

This customer service charter guides the City’s partnership with you. We value you as our customers, and have introduced this charter as an expression of our firm commitment to providing a high standard of service, and ensuring consistency and sustainability in service delivery.

We are committed to:

  • Providing prompt, friendly, courteous and efficient customer service
  • Striving to excel in customer service through continuous improvement, external benchmarking and identification of new technologies
  • Offering customer friendly systems and efficient processes
  • Actively seeking your feedback on our services to ensure they meet your needs

The City is committed to partnering with our local community through extensive consultation and participation.

We invite you to:

  • Attend Council and Committee meetings
  • Attend your local community forum to meet and talk with City staff and hear about our projects and programs
  • Make an appointment to speak with your local neighbourhood service manager.

Our service standards

  • We offer a 24 hour call centre service and aim to answer your calls within 20 seconds
  • We aim to ensure that 80% of enquiries made in person at our Customer Service Counters are attended to within 5 minutes
  • When you write to us we will aim to respond within 14 business days. If the issue is complex we will keep you informed of our progress
  • When you raise a request for service we will enter your request into the City’s customer service
    request management register and provide you with a reference number so that you can track the progress of your request at any time

How you can help us

  • Being courteous and respectful to our staff
  • Respect the rights of other customers
  • Be complete and accurate in your dealings with us
  • Work with us to solve problems
  • Help us to recognise our people by telling us when you have received excellent customer service
  • Tell us if we fall short in our service in any aspect so we know how to improve our services.

What you can expect from us

  • We will always act with honesty and integrity
  • We will always treat you with respect and welcome your feedback on our services, our processes and our people
  • We will carefully listen to what you have to say to ensure we can determine the most appropriate way to address your request
  • We will provide you with clear, accurate and timely information
  • We will treat your personal information with confidentiality
  • We will conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys

Making a complaint

If we fall short in our service, or make a mistake, we encourage you to contact us directly so that the matter can be resolved promptly and to your satisfaction.

Our complaints feedback procedures are available to download below.

Any complaints regarding your dealings with the City can be addressed to:

The Manager Customer Service
The City of Sydney
GPO Box 1591
Sydney NSW 2001

Last updated: Thursday, 19 March 2015