Non-residential and business register

Non-residential and business register

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Final reminder

2016 City of Sydney Local Government election 

Ahead of the City of Sydney Local Government election on 10 September 2016, owners, occupiers and rate-paying lessees of rateable property in the City of Sydney area are required to register for the non-residential register and roll.

This is your final reminder to be on the register and be eligible to vote at the 2016 City of Sydney Local Government election.

Things you can do to ensure you are included on the register for the 2016 election.

Provide your details to the City 

If you have not already submitted your details, you need to do so before 14 July to ensure you are added to the non-residential register and roll.

Check your eligibility

If you haven’t heard from the City but think you are eligible you can use our eligibility tool.

Update your details

If your ownership, occupancy or personal details change before 1 August 2016, please complete Form G and email it to

Chat directly to our staff

If you’d like to chat directly to our staff about your eligibility or the register, call our Customer Service team on 1800 101 667.

Things you need to know  

Non-residential electoral roll

The electoral rolls for the 2016 election will close on 1 August. On this date, the City of Sydney will provide details from the non-residential register to the NSW Electoral Commission.  After this date, they will verify if each individual on the register is eligible for the non-residential electoral roll. 

If you are eligible, your name and address will be added to the non-residential electoral roll and you will be required to vote at the next City of Sydney Local Government election.

Checking your name on the electoral roll 

From early August, you should check if your name is on the non-residential electoral roll before election day to confirm if you are required to vote.

You can check the roll by either:

  • checking online with the NSW Electoral Commission
  • visiting the City of Sydney Customer Service Centre in Town Hall House, 456 Kent Street Sydney, where the roll will be available
  • calling our Customer Service team on 1800 101 667.

The address on the electoral roll will be that of the property you own, occupy or lease in the City of Sydney Local Government Area.

Voting at the 2016 Local Government election

It is compulsory to vote at this election if your details are on the electoral roll. There is no absentee voting at Local Government elections, apart from at Sydney Town Hall, but you can apply for a postal vote or vote at a pre-poll location before election day.

See the NSW Electoral Commission’s election website or contact them on 1300 135 736 for more details.

Key dates

4 July 2016

14 July 2016

  • The latest date you can inform us of any changes to your details to ensure they are included for the September election.

1 August 2016

  • Close of rolls.

10 September 2016

  • City of Sydney Local Government election.
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Downloads – Enrolment letter – Eligible sole corporation nominee
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Last updated: Wednesday, 15 June 2016