Maintaining the register

How will the register be maintained?

The City is obliged to maintain and regularly revise the register to ensure it is accurate.

A change to the register may be required if:

  1. A new nomination is received (from a sole corporation or group of owners, occupiers or rate-paying lessees).
  2. There is a change to a person or corporation that is the owner, occupier or rate-paying lessee of rateable property.
  3. There is a change to the person enrolled as a nominee of a corporation. 
  4. There is a change in the property’s rateable status.

Check your eligibility   

I sold my property/business. How do I remove my name from register?

Please complete and return the relevant sections of Form G.

Please note that if you still own, occupy or lease other property within the City of Sydney Local Government Area then you may be required to remain on the register. You should still advise us of the change of information in relation to your previous property.

We've had a restructure/someone has left the company. How do I update a company nominee's name?

To update your nominated representatives on the non-residential register you will need to submit a new nomination form, nominating your Corporation’s representative/s, with either Form C or Form F.

My workplace is moving offices, how do I update my address?

Please complete and return the relevant sections of Form G.

Last updated: Monday, 4 July 2016