Questions for occupiers and lessees

Occupiers and lessees in the City of Sydney 

Who is regarded as a rate paying lessee?

You’re a rate-paying lessee if:

  • You lease rateable property (by yourself or with others) within the City of Sydney Local Government Area.
  • You have been paying lease costs (lease costs refer to the agreed payment contributions according to your lease document) of at least $4,000 (solely or jointly) a year for at least 3 months which includes a contribution towards rates.
  • Your enrolled address is not within the City of Sydney Local Government Area (you can check online where you are enrolled).

Who is regarded as an occupier of rateable property?

You’re an occupier if:

  • You occupy rateable property (residential or business) by yourself or with others
  • You pay $4,000 (solely or jointly) or more a year in rent and have occupied for at least 3 months
  • Your enrolled address is not within the City of Sydney Local Government Area (you can check online where you are enrolled).

What if I lease or occupy with more than 1 owner?

You can nominate 2 representatives to be enrolled on behalf of your group. You will need to do so as a majority and provide details of nominee requirements.

Please note that a corporation can only participate in 1 nomination at any 1 time regardless of how many pieces of property they have an interest in. 

I occupy a residential property in the City of Sydney local area (I stay in the property during the week days) but my enrolled residential address is outside the City of Sydney Local Government Area. Do I need to register?

Yes. You have an entitlement to join the register, as long as you pay more than $4,000 a year, by yourself or with others, to occupy the house, and have been in actual occupation for more than 3 months.

If you have occupied for less than 3 months, please send through your application in the appropriate time.

We occupy an office building along with many other corporations, although we each have a lease or licence for our own office suite. Do we need to register?

Yes. Each corporation occupier is entitled to up to 2 nominees, provided they have 2 eligible company officers and have not already nominated in relation to another property within the City of Sydney Local Government Area.

What supporting documentation do I need to provide as a rate-paying lessee or occupier?

Attach documentation that demonstrates you meet the criteria. A certified copy of a document that shows your property address, term of occupation and amount payable would be acceptable, for example a bank statement showing your rental payment or a copy of the relevant pages of a lease or other documentation demonstrating your entitlement to occupation.

Please note: Documentation needs to be a certified copy of the original documents.

Last updated: Monday, 4 July 2016