Pesticide notification plan

Keeping you informed

The pesticide use notification plan, available for download below, sets out the process required to inform the community about pesticide uses in the local area. This includes use of pesticides at outdoor public places that are owned or controlled by the City of Sydney. The plan enables members of the community to avoid or minimise contact with pesticides if required.

This list of pesticides details some of the products the City may need to use in its treatment programs. We recommend conducting your own research into the products listed:

To let the City know of sensitive sites or hotspots, download a registration form below, complete it and send it to us.

We recommend some sites and facilities be informed of our annual pesticide program such as:

  • school or pre-schools
  • kindergartens
  • childcare centres
  • hospitals
  • community health centres
  • nursing homes.

Owners and occupiers of these sites can register their interest to receive a copy of the City's annual pesticide application schedule, or download copies below.


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Last updated: Wednesday, 15 October 2014