Awarding HFS


To determine whether a building is eligible for heritage floor space to be awarded, refer to clause 6.10(2) of the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 and section of the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012.

Once eligibility for awarding HFS has been established a development application, including a conservation management plan is lodged with the City of Sydney. All relevant fees must be paid at a customer serrvice centre.

Conservation management plan

To guide the future management of the building, the conservation management plan provides a history of the building and surrounding area, a statement of significance and it ranks the levels of significance.

The DA details the scope of works required to conserve the building's heritage significance. This proposal could include removing elements that detract from its significance, reinstating the original fabric and, where appropriate, reconstructing it based on documentary evidence.

After the City approves the DA and conservation management plan, an approved construction certificate for building work is required.

How HFS is calculated

The method for calculating the amount of HFS that may be awarded is set out in section of the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012.

Please note: While HFS can only be awarded once to a heritage item there is scope to grant the award in stages.

Title covenants

Once all building and conservation works are complete the land owner, where the heritage item is located, enters into a deed with the City and registers covenants on title. A deed is drafted and executed between the land owner and the City to reinforce the positive and restrictive covenants that are to be placed on title, which:

  • limit any future redevelopment of the site to the total gross floor area and height of the conserved heritage item (restrictive)
  • ensure the ongoing conservation of the building by regular maintenance in accordance with the conservation management plan (positive).

After the deed is executed and a $730 registration fee is paid, a letter is sent to the owner advising that the HFS has been entered on Council's register. The HFS is now able to be sold.

Please note: The deed and registration of covenants on title may be finalised before conservation works are completed, but the HFS will only be registered once all the requirements have been met.


For more information about the HFS award procedure, please contact:

Peter Blow
Strategic Planning and Urban Design Unit02 9265 9619

Last updated: Sunday, 1 July 2018