Understanding and working with lime

Workshop details

This workshop is presented by the Building Limes Forum Australia. Topics to be covered include what is lime?, safe working with lime, historical use of lime, different types of lime available, common additives, mixing lime and its use in mortar, plaster, render and limewash, curing and setting issues.

The presenters are members of the Building Limes Forum Australia with experience in the production, specification and use of lime. Presenters include Jacqui Goddard, conservation and advocacy specialist and former conservation director at the National Trust, Mark Goodchild, plasterer and educator and Caroline Lawrance, building repair specialist.

Proceeds after costs of this workshop to The Building Limes Forum Australia.


Date: 21 June 2014
Venue: National Trust Centre, Observatory Hill
Time: 10.30am to 4pm (light lunch included)
Cost: $175 (no GST)
Availability: Places are limited

To register email jacquig@mac.com.

Last updated: Monday, 7 April 2014