March 2015

Quarter 3 2014/15: Highlights

  • The average net time to determine applications (DAs & S96 modifications) to date (end Q3) was 74 days.
  • The value of DAs determined in Quarter 3 – $412 million (2013/14: $390m).
  • Applications $10 million and over approved in Quarter 3 were:
    • 116 Bathurst Street, Sydney – $91m
    • 40A O’Dea Avenue, Waterloo – $54m
    • 301–303 Botany Road, Zetland – $48m
    • 49–53 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney – $19m
    • 1–9 William Street, Alexandria – $12m
    • 135 King Street, Sydney – $11m
    • 460–462 Gardeners Road, Alexandria – $10m
    • 92–94 Buckland Street, Alexandria – $10m
    • Detail of applications over $7m under ‘Determined’ heading below.
  • The value of DAs lodged in Quarter 3 was $863 million (2013/14: $460m).
  • The number of DAs lodged in Quarter 3 was 398 (2013/14: 415).
  • Applications $30 million and over lodged in Quarter 3 were:
    • 128–150 Ross Street, Forest Lodge – $109m
    • 105–115 Portman Street, Zetland – $106m
    • 19–29 Martin Place, Sydney – $99m
    • 111–139 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point – $55m
    • 620–632 Botany Road, Alexandria – $55m
    • 1A Coulson Street, Erskineville – $48m
    • 890–898 Bourke Street, Zetland – $45m
    • 2A Rothschild Avenue, Rosebery – $35m
    • 37–49 O’Connor Street, Chippendale – $32m
    • Detail of applications over $15m under ‘Lodged’ heading below
  • 94% of applications in Quarter 3 were approved (DAs and modifications)

Development applications requiring notification can be viewed online during the exhibition period. Notices of Determination and planners reports can be found via the development applications search facility or in the agendas of Council meetings. Brief descriptions of developments are supplied here, full descriptions are available on the City’s website.


Figure 1 – Average number of net days for determination of DAs cumulative for the financial years by month

Figure 1 - Average number of net days for determination of DAs cumulative for the financial years by month

                               2013/14                                 2014/15

Please note: The figures in the graph above represent number of days.

Table 1 – Number & value of applications determined in Quarter 3

2014/15 2013/14 2012/13
DA – value
DA – number 392  420 416
Modifications (s96) 202  205 210
Footway use 100 84 68

Applications approved over $7 million – Quarter 3

DA Number Address Brief description Val $m
D/2014/797 116 Bathurst Sydney Stage 2 DA for retention and adaptive re-use of the heritage-listed Porter House building and construction of a 36-storey mixed-use development, accommodating 2,055sqm of retail/commercial
40A O'Dea Avenue Waterloo
Construction of a mixed use development of 2 x 4 storey a 20 storey tower, comprises 172 residential apartments and 4 commercial tenancies.
49–53 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney
Conversion of existing building to hotel use and construction of 6 storey addition for residential use.
1–9 William Street Alexandria
Demolition of existing buildings, remediation of site and construction of a residential development.
135 King Street Sydney
Alterations and additions to the 'Glasshouse' shopping centre including internal alterations, modifications to both the Pitt & King Street frontages.
60–462 Gardeners Road Alexandria
Development comprises construction of a two level showroom building with rooftop parking, and internal alterations to the existing showroom. and construction of two additional levels for vehicle storage on top of the showroom development.
92–94 Buckland Street Alexandria
Construction of new residential flat building consisting of 12 townhouses and 6 residential apartments, and basement carparking. $10
D/2014/304 33–35 Dunning Avenue Rosebery Demolition of existing warehouse and construction of 6 storey development with ground floor commercial tenancy, basement car parking and residential units above.
71–79 Macquarie Street Sydney
Demolition of the existing structures on site, site preparation works, removal of existing trees, modified pedestrian and vehicular access arrangements along Circular Quay East frontage and construction of temporary perimeter fencing and hoarding.


Figure  2 – Total value of DAs lodged – comparison by year

Figure 2 -Total value of DAs lodged - comparison by year

Please note: The figures in the graph above represent billion$.

Table 2 – Quarter 3 number of lodged applications

2014/15 2013/14 2012/13
Modifications (s96) 190 244 238
Footway use 88 89 93

Applications lodged over $15 million – Quarter 3

DA Number Address Brief description Val $m
D/2015/28 128–150 Ross Street, Forest Lodge Stage 2 DA for Precinct 5 at Harold Park for construction of 2 residential flat buildings (2-8 storeys) containing a total of 232 apartments. $109
D/2015/29 105–115 Portman Street, Zetland Construction of a mixed use development comprising 3 buildings of a scale of 9 storeys, 11 storeys and 15 storeys - incorporates 250 apartments, retail tenancies and parking. $106
D/2015/66 19–29 Martin Place, Sydney Alterations and additions to the podium and basement levels of the MLC Centre (known as Levels 1 to 9). $99
D/2015/33 111–139 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point Stage 2 DA for alterations and additions to the fomer Crest Hotel , conversion from hotel accommodation to 139 residential apartments. $55
620–632 Botany Road, Alexandria
Stage 1 DA for a 6-storey mixed-use development with residential apartments, ground floor retail uses and parking, and basement parking.
1A Coulson Street, Erskineville
Construction of a 7 storey residential fl at building comprising 109 units and 18 three bedroom terraces.
890–898 Bourke Street, Zetland
Stage 1 DA envelope scheme for a mixed-use development with a building height of up to 22 metres, with associated public domain works and road network.
2A Rothschild Avenue, Rosebery
Construction of a new 7 storey residential fl at development including 100 residential units.
37–49 O'Connor Street, Chippendale
Construction of a 3 storey mixed use building comprising two residential units, central garden, art gallery and performance space.
105–115 Portman Street, Zetland
Construction of a 7 storey residential flat building containing 70 apartments.
37–41 Bayswater Road, Potts Point
Stage 2 DA for restoration of existing Bayswater Road façade, construction of 8 storey mixed use building containing 51 apartments and 1 retail tenancy.
D/2015/32 10–20 McEvoy Street, Waterloo Construction of residential building with 79 apartments. $19
D/2015/23 20–80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont Alterations and additions to approved fi rst floor outdoor gaming area adjacent to Union Street in the Darling Hotel at The Star Casino.  $15


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