March 2016

Quarter 3 – 2015/16 highlights

  • The average net time to determine applications was 80 days financial year to date  (DAs and S96 modifications).
  • The median net time to determine applications was 67 days.
  • 95% of applications were approved. 

Value of DAs lodged and determined in the quarter

DA lodged in quarter
DA determined in quarter

Below are listed the applications valued over $10 million that were lodged and determined in the quarter. The total value of applications includes stage 1 concept applications.

All applications lodged and determined can be found through the development applications search facility.

Notices of determination for all applications and delegated planners reports can be found through the development applications search facility. Reports going to Council or the Central Sydney Planning Committee can be found in the relevant agendas of Council and Committee meetings.


Applications approved over $10 million in the quarter

DA Number Address Brief description Val $m
D/2014/1962 25-55 Rothschild Avenue Rosebery Stage 1 DA for indicative envelopes for a mixed use development involving 4 phases, 14 buildings with residential units, retail, child care centres, car parking. And Public domain works.


D/2015/670 52 O'Dea Avenue Waterloo Integrated development application with the Office of Water. Demolition of all buildings, remediation, mixed use development with 2 x 8 storey buildings, 1 x 21 storey building, 25 non-residential tenancies, 2.5 levels of basement car parking, landscaping, subdivision and public domain works


D/2015/294 105-115 Portman Street Zetland Construction of a mixed use development comprising 3 buildings of a scale of 9 storeys, 11 storeys and 15 storeys above two levels of basement car parking. The development includes 330 apartments, retail tenancies along future Geddes Avenue, car parking spaces accessed from future Sonny Leonard Street, tree removal and landscaping.


D/2015/624 67-77 Epsom Road Rosebery Variation to Planning Agreement to secure material public benefit in association with Development Application D/2015/624. The development application was previously advertised and was approved on 17 March 2016 for the construction of a part 6 and part 13 storey mixed use building, known as Building A, containing 268 residential units, 49 serviced apartments, 17 ground floor retail tenancies and two levels of basement parking for 272 vehicles.


D/2015/364 620-632 Botany Road Alexandria Stage 1 DA envelope scheme for a 6-storey mixed-use development comprising shop top housing, ground floor retail uses and parking, and basement parking. The application is Integrated Development with the NSW Office of Water under the Water Management Act 2000.


D/2015/1518 280-288 George Street Sydney Stage 1 Development Application for a 27-storey building envelope with a lower ground and two basement floor levels. Indicative land uses include retail premises on lower ground, ground and first floors and hotel accommodation on the storeys above, and basement loading dock, parking and building services.


D/2015/196 2A Rothschild Avenue Rosebery Demolition of existing structures and construction of a new 7 storey residential flat development comprising basement and ground level parking, an elevated communal internal courtyard, rooftop open space and 100 residential units.


D/2015/1838 255-269 Elizabeth Street Sydney Alterations and additions and change of use of ground floor and levels 1–4, 8, 11-13 and 15 to an educational establishment.


D/2015/1318 66-78 Albion Street Surry Hills Use of existing building as a children's courthouse. Works include demolition, alterations, addition of plant level at roof and solar panels.


D/2015/1100 206A-208 Clarence Street Sydney Demolition of existing building and structures and construction of a 15 storey hotel building comprising 97 rooms, including one basement to accommodate staff areas, plant and equipment, storage spaces, waste and recycling rooms and ancillary facilities.


D/2014/2014 23-29 Mentmore Avenue Rosebery Integrated Development Application for demolition of existing building, excavation and construction of a 6 storey residential flat building with 2 basement levels, comprising of 65 apartments, 68 car parking spaces and landscaping works.



Applications lodged over $10 million in the quarter

DA Number Address Brief description Val $m


59-69 Goulburn Street Haymarket

Stage 1 Development Application for establishment of a building envelope up to 40-storeys in height. The proposed envelope incorporates reuse and reconfiguration of the existing 30-storey commercial tower and podium, provision of a 10-storey addition, maximum gross floor area of 29,568sqm, tourist and visitor accommodation, residential accommodation, commercial uses and vehicular parking. The application is Integrated Development requiring approval of the Office of Water under the Water Management Act 2000.



485-521 Harris Street Ultimo

Stage 2 development application for the detailed design of a new five to nine storey mixed use development with 210 apartments, ground floor retail and 2 levels of basement parking. Integrated development requiring approval from the RMS under the Roads Act 1993.



12-22 Rothschild Avenue Rosebery

Stage 1 DA envelope scheme for a 23.5m 7-storey mixed use development with residential apartments, a ground floor retail use fronting Mentmore Avenue, two basement parking levels, with an FSR of 2.2:1 (18,467.5sqm). The existing warehouse building at 24 Rothschild Avenue is to be retained and adaptively reused. The site also has frontages to Mentmore Avenue and Cressy Street. The application is Integrated Development requiring the approval of the NSW Office of Water under the Water Management Act 2000.



90B Goulburn Street Sydney

Stage 1 Development Application for a building envelope with a height of up to 90m (RL 111.13m) demolition of the rear portion of the Goldsmith Building at 92-96 Goulburn Street, complete demolition of the existing building at 98-104 Goulburn Street, retention and conservation works to the German Lutheran Church and the front portion of the Goldsmith Building to be retained. Construction of a link from the upper level of the German Lutheran Church to the Goldsmith Building. Seven basement levels for parking and storage, retail and church uses at ground level, commercial and church uses at level 1, commercial uses at levels 2 to 4, and residential uses in a tower from levels 5 to 27 above. Stratum subdivision of the airspace above the building at 90B and consolidation of lots at 92-104 Goulburn Street to create an allotment for the tower building. This is an integrated development application as it requires an approval under the Water Management Act 2000.



55-57 Wentworth Avenue

Proposed demolition of existing buildings, and construction of an 18 storey mixed use development containing 3 basement levels providing a bar, restaurant and plant/storage, 2x loading bays accessed from Foy Lane at ground floor, and hotel accommodation above with 204 rooms.



399-411 George Street Sydney

Refurbishment works and alterations to the existing “HCF House” mixed use building, including internal alterations, reglazing of levels 2-12 on the George Street facade and levels 3-12 on the York Street façade, deletion of 1 car space and construction of 6 additional bicycle parking spaces. Reduction in car parking by one space and increase in bicycle parking to 6 spaces.



171B Botany Road Waterloo

Application for the construction of a 2 part 4 storey residential flat building comprising of 51 dwellings, over a single basement level accommodating 39 car spaces and 55 bicycle spaces, including associated tree removal and landscaping works.



169-179 Thomas Street Haymarket

Stage 1 DA for alterations and additions to the existing hotel 'Novotel Central'. Including a building envelope of between 50 metres and 50.77 metres for use as an extension to the existing hotel, and alterations to the ground floor podium for a cafe at ground level fronting the Goods Line.



707-711 Elizabeth Street Waterloo

Demolition of existing industrial buildings, associated site remediation and excavation works, removal of trees, construction of a 4 storey residential flat building comprising 35 apartments and roof terrace, basement level with 26 car parking spaces and landscaping. The application is Integrated Development requiring the approval of the NSW Office of Water under the Water Management Act 2000.



29-31 Dunning Avenue Rosebery

Development application for demolition of existing building, excavation, and the construction of a new 6 storey residential flat building containing 26 dwellings, one level of basement car parking/ground level parking for 27 vehicles, with rooftop private open spaces and associated ground level landscaping.




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