Standard conditions

About the Standard Conditions

To improve the development process the City of Sydney has adopted Standard Conditions for every development consent that we provide. While some conditions applied to a consent can be specific to a particular development, the conditions that are common to most consents are considered 'Standard Conditions'.

By adopting a set of Standard Conditions, which Council reviews and updates periodically, it significantly reduces the need to print agenda papers with multiple standard conditions in each development application (DA) report that Council has to consider.

You can download the current Standard Conditions below. Previous versions are also supplied for comparison with earlier DAs.

Go to our public works section for more information about public domain conditions of consent.


If you have any questions about a condition of consent within a specific DA, please contact the planner whose name appears on the report. For general questions about conditions please contact:

Planning Assessment Unit
02 9265 9363

Last updated: Thursday, 6 December 2012