Planning controls

Planning controls

Do I need approval?

The Department of Planning and Environment provides information about exempt and complying development that can be undertaken without planning approval from the City and also has an interactive buildings tool which shows the changes you can make without planning or building approval.

Plans and policies

Our plans and policies provide an urban planning framework for development and conservation with the City of Sydney local area.

Local environmental plans

Planning instruments that apply within the City's local area.

Development control plans

Control plans that apply within the City's local area.

Planning controls map

Shows the areas of the City that come under different planning authorities and development control plans.

Development policies

Development policies provide additional information and guidance to the controls contained within local environmental plans and development control plans. 

Affordable housing and development contributions

These levies are payable by developersto cover the cost of providing new community infrastructure that is needed when the development is completed.

Planning agreements

Planning agreements (also commonly referred to as voluntary planning agreements or VPAs) form one part of the City's developer contribution system. Draft planning agreements are exhibited on this page.

Travel plans

A travel plan should be considered as a site management tool for developers that provides incentives for people to make more sustainable transport choices.

Draft plans and current studies

The City's current development related draft plans and studies.

Last updated: Wednesday, 16 September 2015