Affordable housing and development contributions

Affordable housing and development contributions

Affordable housing contributions

Providing affordable housing is a major focus of the long term strategy for the redevelopment of Ultimo/Pyrmont and Green Square. The redevelopment of these areas has increased land values, which has increased the cost of buying or renting homes that can put them beyond the reach of low to moderate income households.

Affordable housing contribution programs aim to ensure however, that such households can continue to live and work within the City. The contributions for your proposed development may be provided either on-site or as a monetary contribution.

An on-site contribution amount is calculated as a percentage of the total floor area of the development. Monetary contributions are indexed yearly according to the relevant program.

More information about current rates and payment requirements is available on these pages about the City's affordable housing programs:

Green Square affordable housing City west affordable housing Employment Lands affordable housing

To check the program your proposed development comes under refer to the map available for download below.

Click on the map to visit the relevant plan.

Affordable housing and development contributions City west affordable housing Southern Employment Lands affordable housing Green Square affordable housing

Development contributions

Some developments may require a financial contribution to the City of Sydney to help provide public amenities and services in the local area as a consequence of new development. A development can only be subject to 1 contributions plan from the 3 plans that apply to different parts of the city:

  • Central Sydney section 61 contributions cover central city building projects that exceed $200,000
  • Ultimo/Pyrmont section 94 (1994) contributions cover projects in the Ultimo/Pyrmont area
  • City of Sydney section 94 (2006) contributions cover all other areas, which are divided into 3 separate precincts.

To check the plan that your proposed development comes under, please refer to the map below. The map is also available to download at the bottom of this page.

Procedures for complying development

For complying development, accredited certifiers are responsible for calculating the contribution in accordance with the City's relevant development contributions plan. If a contribution is required a condition requiring payment of the contribution is to be included in the complying development certificate. Accredited certifiers must notify the City within 2 days of determining the complying development certificate. Applicants must pay their contribution before commencing the complying development works.

Payment requirements

When your payment is due, the contribution rate may be adjusted for inflation depending on the relevant contributions plan.

Note: Payment can only be made after you contact:

Planning Assessment Unit
02 9265 9363

You will then be provided with written confirmation of the amount due, which must be presented with your payment.

Click on the map to visit the relevant plan.

Contribution Plans

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