City of Sydney section 94 contributions

All other City areas

Developer contributions may be required from developments within the inner city villages that surround the city centre. The villages have been divided into 3 separate precincts, eastern, southern and western.

To find out if a section 94 contribution applies to your development, download the contributions plan and use the estimator (see 'Estimators') to calculate the approximate amount. You can also review the maps to find the precinct where your development is located.

Generally, a section 94 contribution is required if the development will result in a net population increase (residents and/or workers).

If a development or complying development application is approved, the conditions specified as part of the approval may require the applicant to make a financial contribution to the City to contribute to the cost of infrastructure needed to support a growing population.

Current contributions rates

You can download contributions rates sheets for each precinct. The rates are indexed for inflation every 3 months according to the consumer price index (CPI) issued by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on the fourth Wednesday each January, April, July and October.

The rates sheets are updated as soon as possible after the ABS releases its CPI update. The contributions rates in the original plan should not be used as they have not been indexed for inflation and do not allow for the changes to the contributions rates arising from a Ministerial direction in 2009, outlined under '2009 contributions rates update'.

Complying development certificate contributions

If you have applied for a complying development certificate from an accredited private certifier and a contribution is payable, you must pay the contribution before the certifier will release the CDC.

To find out if a section 94 contribution is payable, you can email your complying development certificate plans to the City's Development Contributions Planner, Jonathon Carle at


You can estimate the contribution for your particular development using our precinct estimator. The estimator uses the indexed rates in the rates sheets and should be used as a guide only. They should not be used to calculate actual due payments.

To verify the correct precinct for your site refer to the maps before accessing the estimator.

Inflation indexation

If your DA has been approved and the consent condition requires your contribution to be indexed for inflation, you can email

We will email you a letter confirming the indexed amount and how you can pay the contribution.

Please note: You will need to present this letter when you pay the contribution.

2009 contributions rates update

The NSW Planning Minister directed the City to make several amendments to its 2006 plan, which came into effect from 7 June 2009 and should be read in conjunction with the original plan.

The changes resulted in the City no longer imposing levies on the costs of City administration buildings, library books or IT resources. More detailed information can be found in the document titled Update June 2009.

The rates sheets and estimators incorporate the changes that resulted from the Minister's 2009 direction.

Last updated: Thursday, 5 November 2015