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In order to provide housing for a mix of income groups, development in Green Square is required to make a contribution towards affordable housing.

A developer may choose to provide affordable housing on-site or pay an equivalent monetary contribution to allow housing units to be built elsewhere in Green Square.

The aim is to provide about 330 rental units for very low to moderate income households as development continues in the area over the next 15 to 20 years.

City West Housing is currently the recommended affordable housing provider for Green Square (refer to Links).

Condition of consent

Affordable housing contributions form a condition of development consent. The Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 and the Green Square Affordable Housing Program (download below) provide further information about the scheme.


Monetary contributions are indexed to ensure they reflect the costs associated with providing affordable housing units over time. The rates are indexed yearly on 1 March, based on the Established House Price Index for Sydney, for the previous year (December to December) using arithmetic averages of the quarterly index numbers.

Contribution rates

The contribution requirements effective from 1 March 2015  to 29 February 2016 are:

Residential development

  • On-site: 3% of the total residential floor area must be affordable housing
  • Monetary: $174.19 per square metre of the total residential floor area.

Non-residential development

  • On-site: 1% of the total non-residential floor area must be provided as affordable housing
  • Monetary: $58.04 per square metre of the total non-residential floor area.


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Last updated: Sunday, 1 March 2015