Ultimo/Pyrmont section 94 contributions

Ultimo/Pyrmont area

The transformation of the Ultimo/Pyrmont area from an industrial area to a mixed living and working environment means a significant increase in the local resident and worker population that expands the need for local amenities and services.

The area is contained within the boundaries of Darling Harbour, Johnstons Bay, Blackwattle Bay, Wattle Street, Broadway and Merino Boulevard. A detailed map is provided on page 5 of the contributions plan (download below).

If a development or complying development application is approved, the conditions specified as part of the approval may require the applicant to make a financial contribution to the City to contribute to the cost of infrastructure needed to support a growing population.

The contribution required is based on the expected increase in workers and residents from the approved development.

More detailed information including the contributions plan and current rates sheet for different types of development can be downloaded below.

Please note: contribution rates are adjusted periodically so the rates quoted in the original plan should not be used. The current rate sheet can be downloaded below.

Last updated: Wednesday, 6 March 2013