Design excellence incentive clause amendment

Planning proposal

Sydney Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 promotes design excellence to achieve high quality architectural, urban and landscape design, particularly in prominent developments and across large sites. An important mechanism to achieve design excellence is through a competitive design process, intended to facilitate design options for a site.

The draft planning proposal, available for download below, seeks to amend the design excellence clause.

Clause 6.21 of the Sydney LEP 2012 establishes an incentive to undertake a competitive design process – up to an additional 10% of the building height or floor space shown in the height of buildings or floor-space ratio map.

The proposed amendment will allow the floor space incentive to also include up to 10% of any additional floor space that may be awarded for providing accommodation floor space in central Sydney, or community floor space in Green Square. Under the current clause, accommodation and community floor space is excluded from the calculation of the design excellence floor space incentive.

The planning proposal was previously on public exhibition.


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Last updated: Friday, 24 January 2014