Employment lands

Change in our employment lands

The City is proposing changes to planning controls to guide future development in our employment lands. The employment lands include parts of Alexandria and Rosebery, a pocket of land on Parramatta Road, Glebe, and the Moore Park Supa Centa on South Dowling Street. 

In June 2014 Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee (CSPC) approved for public exhibition a draft planning proposal to amend the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 (Sydney LEP) and a draft amendment to the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 (Sydney DCP). Council also approved the preparation and public exhibition of a draft affordable housing program. 

The proposed changes are to facilitate the transition of the employment lands from areas of traditional industrial uses and low density employment to places of more diverse business activity and employment opportunities. The changes will also facilitate opportunities for affordable housing in some parts of the employment lands. You can download a fact sheet.

Employment lands strategy 

The proposed changes are in line with the City’s employment lands strategy which Council adopted in June 2014. The strategy focuses on retaining critical employment lands and making space for more businesses and new jobs. While some industrial areas will be retained for traditional industrial uses, new more flexible zones will enable:

  • multi-purpose spaces for new industries
  • offices for new businesses
  • small-scale retailing
  • some affordable housing in suitable locations.

Employment lands study

In 2012, the City commissioned SGS Economics and Planning to prepare the City of Sydney employment lands study. The study assessed the long-term demand for industrial and business-zoned employment land within the City of Sydney. The study and a background paper was reported to Council in May 2013.

The study was informed by extensive consultation with landowners and occupiers, adjoining communities, business operators and organisations with a strategic interest in the area, such as Sydney Airport and Port Botany. 

In September 2013 the City commissioned an economic study and a transport and access study to inform the preparation of the new planning controls. The City also undertook an urban design study and an affordable housing study

Public exhibition

In September 2014 the Department of Planning and Environment issued a gateway determination  for the public exhibition of the draft planning proposal.

The draft planning proposaldraft DCP amendment and draft affordable housing program were open for public comment between 4 November 2014 to 15 December 2014.

The City is now in the process of reviewing submissions received and preparing a report to Council and the CSPC, which will detail the outcomes of the public exhibition. 

If Council and the CSPC approve this planning proposal following public exhibition, it can amend the Sydney LEP on behalf of the Minister for Planning. 

The LEP and DCP amendment and the affordable housing program will come into force when the LEP is published on the NSW Legislation website.


For further information about the strategy, draft planning proposal, draft DCP amendment or draft affordable housing program, please contact:

Tamara Bruckshaw
Senior Specialist Planner02 9265 9743

Last updated: Tuesday, 16 December 2014