Green Square town centre

Library and plaza draft planning proposal

The Green Square Library and Plaza will be located in the future Green Square town centre on the eastern side of Botany Road, directly opposite Green Square railway station.

The draft planning proposal, available for download below, seeks to amend the Sydney Local Environmental Plan (Green Square Town Centre) 2013 (Town Centre LEP 2013) and includes changes to height controls and building envelopes to allow the Library and Plaza to develop as designed.

The draft amendment to the Green Square Town Centre Development Control Plan 2012, available for download below includes detailed controls that update the DCP and reflect the future public domain and transport.

The draft Sydney Local Environmental Plan (Green Square Town Centre) 2013 (the draft Town Centre LEP 2013) referred to in the planning proposal at pages 4, 6, 7, 8 and 17 has now been made and is available on the NSW legislation website.


For more information about the draft planning proposal, please contact:

Toney Hallahan
Specialist Planner02 9246 7593

Last updated: Thursday, 13 February 2014