Public domain works

Public domain works

Works in public areas

Approval is required to carry out works on land that is owned or managed by the City of Sydney, and land that will be dedicated to the City.

This includes work on roads, drainage, footpaths, landscaping and other public spaces, referred to as the public domain.

Works associated with a DA

When the City approves a development application (DA) for public domain works, certain conditions may be imposed.

VPA works

A voluntary planning agreement (VPA) may be associated with public domain works that are separate to those required under a development consent.

Other approvals

These cover all other works in public areas that are not associated with a DA or VPA.

Land dedications

How to appoint the City as principal certifying authority (PCA) for land dedications to the City and associated public domain works.

Last updated: Tuesday, 17 May 2016