Cultural policy

Cultural policy

Claudia Karvan
Actor and storyteller

‘Creativity is so important in helping people not feel isolated or alone in a community.’

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Policy development

The value of arts and culture to this city has long been recognised. Our community’s aspiration for a cultural and creative city was affirmed as one of the 10 strategic directions of Sustainable Sydney 2030, an aspiration that gave voice to our community’s love of the arts, its relevance in our daily lives and the desire for creativity to be celebrated and better integrated into the way we live.

Developing a cultural policy is almost as important as the final document itself. The consultation phase of this process provided us with an opportunity for artists, creative practitioners, our community and other stakeholders to tell us what they thought our priorities should be and to share their own vision and ambition for Sydney’s cultural life.

We began work on this project during 2012. Our first task was a comprehensive examination of current research and trends along with a detailed analysis of the City’s cultural projects and activities already underway.

This research was included in a discussion paper released in March 2013. Over 2,000 people provided feedback on the paper and shared what they think is working well, what needs more attention, and ideas on how we can realise the creative potential of our city.

You can download the Creative City Cultural Policy, which also presents a 10-year action plan for unlocking Sydney’s creative potential and boosting the cultural lives of our residents, workers and visitors.

Last updated: Friday, 12 September 2014