Creative live/work spaces

Creative live/work spaces

Creative City Sydney

Affordable living and work spaces

In 2013, the City of Sydney opened its first creative live/work residency program when we offered people working in a creative field an opportunity to take up a 12-month affordable apartment lease on William Street.

Six 1-bedroom apartments have since provided working studios and residential accommodation for a new group of artists each year. The third group of talented artists who commenced in June 2016 include:

Read about some of these artists’ experiences living on William Street.

Waterloo creative live/work space

Following the success of the William Street program, we recently completed an application process for a new creative live/work space in Waterloo. 

Located within the Waterloo Library grounds, this self-contained apartment will be used as a working studio and residential accommodation for Matriark Theatre who will collaborate with the library during their 12 month tenancy.


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Images: 2016/17 creative live/work residents working from their apartments on William Street.

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Last updated: Thursday, 22 December 2016